Ch1l3 is an alliance of tech companies who are supported by the Chilean Government (ProChile) and the Chilean Technology Chamber of Commerce (ChileTec). Our platform connects you directly with  top technology services providers in Chile, recognized for their in-depth knowledge and successful track record. Ch1l3 works with you to assess your technological needs and matches you with the company that is the best fit. This matching process makes solving your tech challenges effective and efficient with  less time spent looking for providers. We bring top talent Agile developers to work with your team on complex, full stack, mobile and web development projects.

Chiletec is the Technology Chamber of Commerce in Chile, a non-profit association that promotes the development of the digital technology industry in the country. Chiletec is made up of over 140 Chilean partner companies. | +56 2 2884 5289 |

ProChile is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs institution in charge of promoting the exportable supply of Chilean goods and services and contributing to the promotion of foreign investment and tourism. | +56 2 2827 5100

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