Amazon is looking to settle a new Data Center in Latin America, and, as it could be expected, Chile is on the verge of sealing the deal and go ahead with the installation. 

On Wednesday May 23, president Sebastián Piñera held a meeting with Teresa Carlson, Amazon communications vice-president and senior executive, in order to define the last arrangements needed for the North American giant’s potential arrival into our country.

Why is Chile the best option for North Americans to invest in?

Nowadays, Amazon is searching for a tech hub which could allow them to get Asia and South Africa connected, and Chile is, by far, the most recommendable option to carry this task, as we own the fastest route to do so: Cabo de Hornos (Cape Horn).

“Chile is the South Pacific country with the most internet exchange points (hub) for data traffic, and is established as a digital hub for its geographic zone, this means, it is a node that connects Oceania with Perú, Argentina and Brazil; and also, it is a quick route towards Africa through Cape Horn”.  Pamela Gidi tells Diario Financiero.

On the other hand, President Piñera emphasized the “judicial certainty” the country grants, and that is the main reason Chile is specifically attractive to North Americans. “Chile’s regulatory framework is a lot more stable than Argentina’s, to which I would add its macroeconomic stability” Says Jorge Atton, Sub-secretary of communications. 

We talked to Martín Calderón, journalist and technology analyst at FayerWayer, and he told us what he thinks about possible changes on digital economy that Amazon’s data HQ arriving in Chile could produce. This is what he thinks: “If after some time Amazon has managed to run its online services steadily, other actors would not need to “bet” on Chile, because we will become a certainty and that is extremely important for us.”

Evidently, our digital future is heading in the right direction, and even though the decision has not been taken yet, we hope we will be awarded the development of the Data Center, with positive results, because, as Teresa says, Amazon wants a country that aims to digitalization, and if things go according to plan, that country could be Chile.