Mexico is currently the 4th biggest consumer of Chilean technological services, being surpassed by the US, Colombia, and Peru.

A hand-picked commission from ch1l3 technology sectorial brand traveled to Mexico to boost exports of IT and communications solutions inside the North American country’s market. This, because nowadays Chile and Mexico have a lot in common.

As Nicolás Bonati, Brand Manager at ch1l3, remarks: Chile is significantly smaller than Mexico, which is an advantage, as testing technological solutions is easier in smaller markets than in bigger ones. Likewise, replicating successful cases is faster and more effective. And this exact reason is why our country has been successful exporting technological services to bigger countries such as Mexico and the US.

According to Carmen Gloria Aracena, CEO at Tecnocal, a company dedicated to designing and developing electronic products, this mission provided a new range of business opportunities in a very interesting market as the Mexican one, especially because of the influence the internet is acquiring in the country. However, it would not only benefit Tecnocal, but any other participating company.

This trip was no exception, the fairs and meetings were a big success, because this time nine companies traveled under ch1l3’s wings, those companies are: Sistemas expertos, 33 Grados Sur, Tecnocal, Sáltala, Ingerencia, AIM Manager, CryptoMarket, TGI Mobile Systems, and Chattigo. This granted them Chile’s support, which nowadays means getting immediate recognition, due to Chile being the digital country of the Southern Cone.

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