Digital Readiness Index ranking measures digital preparation among different countries based on seven specific core components. Said components are: Technological infrastructure, technology implementation, human capital, basic needs, simplicity to make business, governmental investment, and entrepreneurship.

From these main topics, Chile ranks first in “basic needs” and in “simplicity to make business”.

Additionally, as we mentioned in our article regarding Chile’s global acknowledgement through science and technology, our country is a bigger technological professionals and resources exporter than what average Chileans think it is. In fact, Chile was the first country in the Southern Cone to be connected to the internet, getting ahead of the remaining South American nations and being privileged by a remarkable advantage for development.

Besides this advantage, Chile also strengthens its position in the ranking because public and private investment in telecommunications have generated a rise in both national economy, and national technological development perception.

As well as all of this, other characteristics of Chile’s rol as tech hub and as a digital country are getting stronger as days go by, due to collaborative initiatives such as ProChile, Chiletec, and ch1l3 a digital country_