There are many different ways to achieve modernization, that is why Chile is embarking on a journey towards document digitalization, which will reduce the amount of paperwork needed for administrative work.

Last June 25, president Sebastián Piñera introduced the Consejo Asesor Permanente (“Permanent Adviser Council”) for State Modernization and then proceded to sign a draft of the Digital Transformation bill. On the same day, the president talked about the initiative to reduce bureaucratic paperwork thanks to technology, i,e., through digital transformation: “The State Modernization has simple objectives: to make the relationship between the State and the citizens easier, simpler and more economical. This would be beneficial for both citizens and the State, as it will help our compatriots to fulfill their dreams, overcome their struggles, develop their talents and take advantage of more opportunities”.

This project aims to push the requirement of technical support for administrative procedures, while at the same time to legally validate original documents in digital paper. Another important benefit would be the monetary reduction this transformation would bring because, as the government estimates, it has an annual expenditure of US$ 108 millions in printing paper, photocopying, folders, document storage, and certificates shipping.

These are a few of the benefits that will be generated by the Modernization Council, lead by 12 notable professionals from varied fields, both public and private, with ex Comptroller Ramiro Mendoza as the Head Counsellor, and with a clear objective: To make the relationship between the State and the citizens easier, simpler and more economical. Lets greet a new, more immediate and friendly Chile, thanks to technology. Greetings Ch1l3, digital country.

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