There could not be a clearer picture: 73% of the websites participating in CyberDay 2018 income comes from mobile devices, according to Cámara de Comercio de Chile (Chamber of Commerce of Chile). On the other hand, only 19.5% of income comes from desktop computers or laptops. In addition, a 6.9% comes from consoles and smart TVs.

The first CyberDay in Chile took place in 2011, and has been attracting more clients as years go by. But, as any highly exposed event, it has not been safe from harm.

Rodolfo Labarca, Country Manager at Exceda, technological partner to Cámara de Comercio de Chile, told that the event has been evolving positively, which can be seen as there have been less cyberattacks registered. While in 2017 the number of attacks reported exceeded a million, this year only 830 thousands were accounted. Nevertheless, 100% of those attacks were prevented.

It could not be any more evident that our country is fully embodying digitalization, and that is the reason events like CyberDay turn out to be as successful as they are.

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