The bill is going to improve data bases holders’s obligations and responsibilities. Thus establishing the requirement of informing clients immediately, just as it is with other legislations.

In May 15, 2018, the Senate approved the proposed changes to the regulations on management and protection of personal information data bases, perfecting policies regarding information handling and, also, creating the “Agencia de Protección de Datos Personales” (“Personal Information Protection Agency”). Additionally, the right to have every person’s personal information properly protected is intended to rise to a constitutional rank, by modifying the Constitution article 19, number 4.

4.- Respect for and protection of privacy, and the honor of the individual and their family, in addition to protection of their personal information. Handling and protection of this information are to be done under conditions determined by law.

Senator Ricardo Lagos Weber commented the following about the bill: “This reform sets personal information protection rights in the same level as any other right (…). There is ‘intimacy’ and there is ‘private life’, which are related, but different, and because of that difference, this bill complements and identifies the concept of information”.

This means a major progress for Chile compared to current legislation, as the new one will comply with OECD standards, something that nowadays only 10 countries around the world can say they do.

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