Kunder provides value for Banco Ripley through a mobile app

Problem Statement: A Chilean bank was looking to complement its digital platforms to offer more services to their clients.

Solution: An app was developed to help the bank improve the value offer to their customers, enhancing their relationship and enabling cross-selling of their products.

Outcome: The app was released within 3 months and has since become one of Chile’s top 5 financial apps. New features are added every two weeks to provide additional value to their customers. 

Banco Ripley is a popular retail bank in Chile who has issued over 4.5 million credit cards, which represents a quarter of the market. 

Despite their size and reach within the country, Banco Ripley did not have a cross-platform mobile app for their customers, only a private banking website. Banco Ripley needed tools to cross-sell their products and provide additional value to customers.  

Kunder developed Banco Ripley’s first cross-platform mobile app starting with an MVP, using Google Cloud to accelerate releases. A fully functional version of the app was published within three months and has remained one of the top five financial apps in the Chilean App Stores since launching. 

The mobile app was then unified with the desktop website to create an omnichannel experience. 

Kunder to date continues to work on the app, adding features every two weeks to further enhance the user experience. 

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