Magnet develops a new tablet POS system for Ripley

Problem Statement: One of the largest retail companies in Chile was looking for an optimized strategy to sell mobile phones. 

Solution: An online platform was created that enables Ripley’s sales team to sell the mobile phones from a tablet without using paper, needing to go to a register, or contact the telecommunications operator. 

Outcome: This solution allowed Ripley to remove steps and reduced the number of people who were involved in the sales process, creating a quicker more efficient sales process. 

Ripley, one of Chile’s largest retail companies, was looking to optimize their strategy for selling mobile phones.

Their process was cumbersome and required the interaction of several people, including the external telecommunications operator sales teams. Every phone came preloaded with a data plan, meaning that the customer had to sign a contract with Ripley and also with the respective telecommunications operator. This was a lengthy process that required many different sales reps and lots of paperwork. 

Magnet created a platform focused on selling mobile phones at retail stores with minimal human interaction. This allowed Ripley’s sales teams to sell mobile phones with various phone plans directly to customers from a tablet. This eliminated the need to go to the register, use paper, or involve other sales agents.

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