Mobile multi-platform optimizes medical payment system

Problem: Not all areas of the Chilean health system have been modernized. It is hard to offer electronic payment systems to patients when many health providers are not using digital platforms.

Solution: Jumpitt Labs in conjunction with Imed, developed Medpay, an electronic payment suite that integrates with different payment methods and different users of the health system. Medpay makes the patient experience easier, quicker, and with less paperwork through its integration with insurance providers and health providers. 

 Results:The mobile multi platform system allows for integration across different payment methods and between health insurance providers and doctors offices. This allows the patient to speed up the paperwork process for scheduling visits and paying for services, optimizing time and money. It also enables the medical service providers to manage their agendas more efficiently to minimize no-shows. 

Jumpitt. working with it’s partner company Imed. developed Medpay. Jointly, they have been dedicated to developing proven solutions that facilitate processes and transactions for the health of individuals and also institutions.

Currently it functions as the entity in charge of the interconnection with the Chilean Health system, and provides the administration of the providers of medical services and the financial and insurance companies through the biometric verification of the beneficiaries.

In the past 15 years, the system has captured and collected the fingerprints of more than 18 million Chileans that navigate the largest health network in the Cono Sur. Medpay bridges the technology gap that exists between health legacy platforms, with the growing need for patients to provide a better interaction with the health system, using the tools such as their cell phones.  Through an easy integration with electronic payments for the medical providers, the sales process, and returns, are controlled from the Medpay platform. The providers are able to access the detailed transactions and configurations in the different health plans, meanwhile reducing considerably the “no-show” on the calendars. On the other hand, the patients and beneficiaries, can access personalized discounts according to their health plan and the possibility to reschedule their medical hour with expedited attention upon arrival at the assistance center.

Currently, we are evaluating the development of a self check-in system to automate the registration process in the assistance center, when the patient reports their arrival automatically through gps and bluetooth, thus contributing a better user experience to get the patients closer to the new digital health.

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