It will be a totally free course, whose objective will be to prepare the new talents to work in one of the most demanded industries in the world.

Specifically, the beneficiaries, thanks to the “Becas Sense Mil programadores” (Thousand programmers SENSE scholarship), will be able to take a 6 month long class, which will teach people (over 17 years old) how to become Web Applications Developer Analysts, opening more preparation opportunities, and helping them with adapting to the so called future jobs.

Regional Services Minister of Employment and Social Welfare, Victoria Cortés Schiattino, had to say regarding this scholarship: “Through the opportunity SENSE is enabling, what we are doing is caring about restructuring our country and our employees, motivating them to get interested in jobs that are, and will continue to be, more and more demanded by different productive fields”.

Acquired skills will be certified by an international exam, acknowledged by the information technology industry SFIA. Besides, the selected students will receive a daily subsidy of 3 thousand Chilean pesos (4,5 USD approximately) to go to class.

Applications will be available since August 1 to August 21, 2018.