Arkano creates a mobile app for pharmacy chain customer engagement

Problem Statement: Pharmacy Chain needs to develop e-commerce solution to increase growth and revenue. 

Solution: Within 3 months, Arkano created an engaging mobile application that integrates e-commerce with other client services.

Outcome: Within the first year an increase of 70% in sales was recorded and FarmaShop was put “at the forefront of local pharmacy stores.”

FarmaShop is the biggest chain of pharmacies in Uruguay with 92 shops distributed across the country, 1.400 employees and its own distribution center.

Since being founded in 1998, FarmaShop has continued to diversify its business by adding beauty centers and convenience stores.

In 2016, FarmaShop faced the challenge of a national regulation that limited the number of stores that could be opened. Since they were unable to open additional stores, they started an Ecommerce project which also included a mobile app.

However, the app was not engaging customers, adoption levels were very low, and therefore the solution did not turn into a profitable new sales channel. As a result, FarmaShop established three new business objectives: improve customer loyalty, speed up the purchase decision process, and personalize the user experience. The user can also use the app to find the nearest store, chat on-line with FarmaShop’s Customer Center, and send complaints and suggestions, which improves the client’s relationship with the brand.   

Arkano proposed a Xamarin mobile app that seamlessly integrates the ecommerce with the rest of the client’s services. Using Design Thinking, Agile Methodology and DevOps techniques, Arkano achieved the rollout of a first version in just three months. An increase of 70% in sales was registered in the first year. In the words of the Technology Manager and CIO of the client: “the adoption of this solution put us at the forefront of the local pharmacy store chain sector”.

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