It’s name is China Telecom Global Limited and, in case it makes its way to Chile, it will certainly be an important competitor for the country’s current operators.

Pamela Gidi, sub-secretary of telecommunications, expressed in a conversation with La Tercera PM that “it is excellent news that a company such as China Telecom is interested in doing business with Chile”. She also remarked that said business between Chile and China would boost investment in a field currently ran by the three biggest telecommunications companies in Chile, but would not leave out the virtual operators that, even though trying their best, have no significant influence on the market’s behaviour.

“The fact that some companies show interest in breaking into the country is quite a positive sign and shows just how safe Chile portraits itself juridically and economically to foreign investors from different industries”, noted sub-secretary – Pamela Gidi.

Nowadays China Telecom is the biggest operator in the world, mostly because of how many clients it has in countries such as China, Brasil, Venezuela and Mexico. Those markets have helped it report, by the end of 2017, approximately 250 million mobile subscribers.

Even though today it is not possible to confirm that it will get into our country, the Asian telecom giant’s head executives have already had meeting with Chile’s Telecommunications Sub-secretary, which is a good starting point for future alliances.

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