In March 2017, the public and private company Red Activa, began a pilot program working with the project Banda Activa.
A wristband that uses NGC technology (Near Field Communication), it doesn’t need to recharge and its water resistant. In 2050, one third of the Chilean population will be 60 years old or older and if we consider this, What is the health condition of older Chileans? This is why Red Activa began the wristband; it’s a project of the Center of Public Politics, the Design School of the Catholic University and the Chilean AFP Association.
Right now, this wristband can make the street lights around the main square of Puente Alto, last 6 seconds longer, giving to older adults the time to calmly cross the streets. It also gives them access to any public bathroom in the malls at this part of the city, these features are designed to encourage older adults to go out more.
In the future, the wristband will contain the medical file of its users and also payment information, making their lives easier with technology.
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