Remote working is, today, one of the biggest trends in the job market, as it allows workers to fulfill their duties from places other than their offices. This working mode has advantages both for companies and employees, as it saves times and costs of transportation (especially for people who must travel to meet partners and clients), and it improves efficiency and life quality.

In Chile, a 12% of the active population has worked remotely, and the trend increased by a 25% during last year.

“Remote working is already a reality in Chile, and it is steadily growing stronger in the digital technology industry. It is a way of working that allows, encourages, and even establishes the use of employees-owned devices so they can accomplish their duties inside or outside the company, and, in Chile’s case, from inside or outside the country” says Martín Lewit right after exposing in the event.

9punto5” has once again, for third year in a row, set the standard in technological development and remote working, gathering more than 500 assistants from 10 different countries, more than 2,000 online streamers, and an exclusive number of leader speakers regarding those topics.

On the other hand, Martín claims that being able to recognize the evermore globally market’s needs is key to enhance Chilean companies, empowering the talent, the knowledge, and the opportunities that Chile has to offer to the world.

Besides having international companies talks, such as Doist, Social Fabric, and AirBnB’s, the event also played an important role as a meeting point where experiences and good practices were shared, becoming a space for contact networks creation and strengthening.