More than 200 speakers, and more than 22 countries took part in the 4th version of the América Digital 2018 event, hosted in Santiago city.

The remarkably successful Latin American Technology and Business “América Digital” congress took place in September 5 and September 6. It was an opportunity for a relevant group of premier companies, both regional and global, to present their last technological and digital advances.

Specifically, more than 5,000 decision makers in the top 1,000 biggest organizations in Latin America got together to explore new and innovative trends, and to generate strong collaboration networks with the objective of taking the biggest advantage possible of the transformative potential the digital era represents regarding the industry and processes, allowing Latin American countries to migrate towards high value digital economies.

The event set was conformed by important speakers and talks, in particular, Andrés Bustamante’s, Chief at Digital Governments Division at MINSEGPRES-CHILE, new Digitalization and Chilean State Modernization facing 2020’s presentation, and Chester Wisniewski’s, main research scientist at Sophos, participation regarding Institutions, Banks, Governments, and Corporations cybersecurity were two of the most impactful.

Additionally, the meeting was able to bring together commercial pavilions and delegations from countries all over the world, such as: China, India, USA, Canada, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico.

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