The executive secretary, Andres Romero, said that the National Energy Central, or CNE, will join the digital revolution through the platform Open Energy, as a way to ensure reliability and transparency of the data from the national energetic sector that’s exposed to the public.

According to the secretary, these days it’s really important that government institutions make all data available to the public. Because of this, it’s necessary to implement a technology that allows showing non altered or modified data, and these are characteristic of the blockchain.

This technology will be used by the CNE as a “digital notary” that can certify the information that they deliver through their open data website and guarantee that the information is not modified. The data that CNE wants to ensure transparency of the markets price, marginal costs, compliance with the law, information from centers of Non-Conventional Renewable Energies, and more.

The system has a big security advantage against hacking, because if one blockchain network goes offline, the service remains online as long as one of the hubs or computers are still connected to the chain and this happens because the hubs work independently as they register and validate information.

With this technology the CNE looks to increase trust levels of their stakeholders, investors, and citizens in general, in addition to simplifying their processes and the transparency of information to all the Chileans.

In Latin America, Chile is one of the countries that have made the most risky and quick sudden instead of quick bets for the incorporation of blockchain in order to provide solutions to government services, becoming an Avant Garde country regarding new technologies. In 2017, the Chilean stock exchange announced the implementation of blockchain in the stock market with the help of IBM, and this made Chile the first Latin-American country in do an alliance like this. Also, the trade authority of Chile is considering the implementation of blockchain for a new voting system for the shareholders meetings.