Sofia Dorta learned how to read when she was 2 years and 8 months old, driven by her curiosity. Soon, Sofia began to write open source code using her cell phone.

Chile is considered a magnet for talent interested in digital technologies and Sofia has become an example for the whole country. This little girl was contacted by Google to represent Chile at a developers tech expo in San Francisco.

At 11, her parents choose to homeschool because, according to her, regular classes were boring. Sofia can create websites and write open source code, she knows how to use JavaScript and recently created her own artificial intelligence system called “Electrochibot”: a software that connects the app Telegram to Watson. It was created with the people behind Watson Conversation at the IBM labs.

How can an 11-year old kid create an artificial intelligence system that surprised the developers and coders of the world? The answer can shine some light on the motivations and talents of young Chileans of the present and future.

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