Students at Instituto Andrés Bello at Talca competed in the Belgium Science- Expo that took place between April 26 and April 30, guided by professor Fredy Segura. The delegation won recognition for best international project.

The exhibited projects were “Efecto comparativo de inhibición de extracto de Buddleja globosa v/s Antibióticos de tipos tradicionales” (“Comparative inhibition effect between Buddleja globosa extract vs traditional antibiotics”) and “Antibiosis de Stremptomyces sp; el poder de los antibióticos a tus pies” (“Stremptomyces sp antibiosis; antibiotics power at your feet”). Both projects were presented at the Science and Technology fair at Instituto de Linares, at Experiencias Nacionales and at Helveciencia Austral, receiving recognition as best project both at middle-school and high-school level, respectively. This last award earned the team the tickets for Belgium Science-Expo, where the main objective is to promote scientific projects and research all over the world.

During the last years, Chile has generated important technological and scientific breakthroughs due to the emerging motivation among students to find new discoveries. This has led to various universities, schools and research centres to push forward projects focused on improving quality of life. As a result, Instituto Andrés Bello now holds extra curricular workshops, such as Albert Einstein Academy, which has Fredy Segura on the lead. This workshop has let students take part in multiple scientific fairs both inside and outside Chile.

Technology in Chile has become more than just modernization. Nowadays advances in technological services and products have allowed information to reach people no matter their education, socio-economic situation or age, as is the case with these young future scientists. This, among many other reasons, is why we cannot stop promoting ourselves as a digital country.