From April the 23th to May 2nd, representatives of the sectorial brand traveled across North America in a journey to manifest the reasons why Chile is currently the best alternative to do business with, regarding technological services.

Ch1l3 was officially introduced at Miami before a prestigious audience, stating why Chile is in the top 10 in the world’s most important rankings in terms of technological development.

Aiming to bring technological solutions to the world together with ProChile and Chiletec, Ch1l3’s team managed to demonstrate that there is talent, experience and vision waiting to be exported out of Chile. For all of these reasons, on April 26 our representative commission joined the 13th anual “Experience the taste of Chile” fair that took place in Philadelphia and is organized by the Chilean and American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia (CACC), where they met with important exponents from varied regional productive fields, other chilean companies present in the area, and local and chilean authorities.

“This is truly an important event for Chile, as it serves as a window through which many different chilean companies doing business in America are able to show themselves. Our team, Ch1l3, represented by Martin Lewit, CEO of Nisum, had the opportunity to display the brand’s traits and companies in front of the broad audience” It’s says Nicolás Bonati, Ch1l3’s Sector Brand Manager.

Our team tells us a little bit about their experience in the international event in Philadelphia: “It exceeded our expectations; we had the chance to network with diverse sectors and we demonstrated the friendly relationships between Chile and Philadelphia, pointing out that we do not only export commodities, but we also do export services, such as technology”.

“The most important part of this experience is that we were able to ascertain firsthand that we possess an excellent I.T. solutions portfolio in Chile, and that represents an opportunity for companies that require technological services from North America”.

Regarding the fairs, Bonati says: “Our biggest discovery was that we now know we want to aim higher and increase our technological product lines, that is our challenge now. We have proved we can place Chile as a solutions partner”. Nicolás tells us as he highlights Ch1l3’s “MES Spring 2018” participation.

“It was a pleasant surprise, every detail was well organized and worked as it was supposed to. The attendance was incredible, one of the best events of its kind in the U.S. We were given the opportunity to present our brand in two Boardrooms and lots of people gathered around wanting to network with Chile, we changed the way Chile, and its added value, was perceived by the participants”. Nicolás remarks.

It should be noted that Ch1l3’s team overcame the public’s expectations, positioning Chile in multiple north American companies and their partner’s sight. We can expect Ch1l3’s agenda to keep on scheduling more projects and exhibitions throughout 2018.

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