Modern communication tools have facilitated the use of software development and other IT services in a Nearshoring environment. This has become more and more evident as the big consultancies such as Accenture and KPMG over the past few years have established Tech Centers in Latin America.

While the above statement makes a ton of sense, going Nearshore for development is a great option, for many reasons…. IF you find the right partner.

• Same time zone makes process Integration without lag in communication
• Daily standups, sprint planning, pull requests, and many other functions don’t
• Proven technical excellence and high performing teams
• Cost is approximately 1/3 of similar US based development resources

Not convinced yet?

I’ve worked with individuals all over the world that are incredibly talented. They are everywhere, and in the affordable countries, you just need to find them.”
Rob Ross, Formerly Xamarin (Acquired by Microsoft)

In a recent outsourcing survey performed by Deloitte, there is clear indication of many more benefits in looking for your next partner: 


At this point, you are probably thinking that it is a big IF you find the right partner. Just keep in mind that with Nearshore development the US company still is the product/project manager, the developers integrate into your existing team. Here are some suggestions as you consider finding the right partner:

  1. Define your business/project goals & the budget
  2. Conduct skill set evaluation for the project

3. Go to the following site:

By: Araceli Guenther
Executive Principal
Victrix Global