Founding Partners_

Adevcom has over 13 years of experience with software production, web Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and business mobile solutions. Adevcom uses both Microsoft technologies and open source. Adevcom emphasizes customer relationships, contributing to them with our experience, adaptability and flexibility regarding the requirements. | +56 2 270 442 06 |

Within just 5 years Jumpitt Labs has successfully developed over 200 digital projects for national and international clients focused on mobile platforms, digital identity,  blockchain. Jumpitt Labs enables technology to work for their customers and facilitate digital transformation. | +56 2 2760 9131 |

Arkano Software is a Microsoft solution provider founded in 2006. With offices in Chile, Uruguay and Peru and over 100 professionals. Arkano serves clients throughout the Americas on projects including Data & Video Analytics, Chat Bots & AI, Mobile & Web Apps, Business Productivity and Azure Cloud, among others. Thanks to our commitment and focus, we’ve been awarded 6 times the Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award, the highest recognition for such partners. | +56 2 2760 9131 |

Kunder is known for web and app development primarily for the banking and finance industries. Kunder stands out for working side by side with their clients in any development phase: from creation and designing, to building and improving. Kunder meets challenges with agile and lean thinking and strives to provide customers with an outstanding experience. | +56 2 32238597 |

Magnet is a software development company focused on web and mobile development with over 6 years of experience in both public and private sectors. Magnet aims to create high tech solutions that create value for clients and is known for its tight knit talented team. | +56 2 2695 8770 |

Nisum Latam is a leading IT consulting company specializing in Software Development, Digital Transformation and Innovation. Nisum Latam was founded in 2012, as a Joint Venture between Nisum and Chilean Company Ki Teknology, and has provided nearshore services to several US customers since its inception. For 17 years Nisum/ Ki has been working with top-tier companies in e-Commerce, Omnichannel, Order Management, Warehouse Management, POS, Digital Transformation, Change Management, Agile measurement, UX and DevOps, among others. | +56 2 2760 9131 |

Zenta Group’s goal is to create user-friendly digital experiences that simplify their clients’ business and life. With over 10 years of experience Zenta Group builds high-impact technological solutions in areas of analytics, machine learning, data science focusing on ‘Talent as a Service’ as their main premise. | +56 2 2760 9131 |

Linets has over 10 years of experience in system management, high complexity infrastructure and maintaining the operational continuity of services critical to your company’s objective.  | +1 (646) 968 0874  |