Multinational company Enel invested 30 USD to replace current public transportation buses in the capital.

Electric buses are quieter than current ones, do not pollute the environment, work on the most efficient energy available, and do not release CO2 fine particulate. These are some of the many benefits Chileans will be able to perceive due this new technology. Additionally, these new buses will be equipped with Wi-Fi, A/C, and will not produce vibrations, unlike current ones. As if it was not enough, there will be a significant energy optimization and an important rise on efficiency by bringing electric buses into public transportation.

Furthermore, as told by Simone Tripepi, Manager at Enel Latin America, nowadays Chile stands out as the best alternative to implement said technologies, due to the need to replace old buses and the stability of its economy. In addition, Tripepi sees the implementation of electro mobility in Chile as the starting point to replicate this model in the rest of the Southern Cone countries.

To abide agreements on climate change policies, and to strengthen transport enough to make it a competitive field are some of the commitments Chile is drafting today in order to establish its place in Latin America regarding technological development.

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