On June 3, a delegation of 9 ‘Ch1l3 a digital country’ member companies backed by Chiletec and ProChile will travel to Mexico to show that we still are the most relevant technology hub in Latin America, and that we are considered to be a part of a digital and entrepreneurial environment, which includes one of the top 10 most successful business acceleration programs in the world.

The main objective of the trip is to draw attention to our country as the technological hub it is. The 9 traveling companies belong to various technological fields, and will go throughout the northern country showing off their brands and our country. This will keep them going to different activities in order to raise the export of technological solutions by 3%, and also, develop new partnerships and acquire new clients.

The trip’s business agenda consists of two main events. The first event begins immediately on June 4, when our companies will meet with key Mexican firms and CEOs. The delegation will have the opportunity to interact directly with an exclusive audience and explain their operations and services in depth to them. During the week, our commission will meet with Grupo Promomedios, the Mexican Secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology, Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico, Grupo CT Scanner, GACSE Systems, and Korima, among others.

We want people to see us as a technological hub, to see that we are, indeed, a place where high quality technological start-ups are emerging, we want people to know that if something succeeds in Chile, it will succeed anywhere else,” says Martin Cruz of Sáltala, one of the touring companies, dedicated to developing health-focused apps and software for clinics and hospitals.

Next, our delegation will head to Guadalajara, where they will stay from June 6 to June 9. That is where the Feria Expo Guadalajara and the Digital Economy Show (DES) will take place. At this forum, every participating company will have its own place within the ch1l3 stand, where anyone attending the fair can see them. One of the biggest events taking place in Guadalajara is the “ProChile y la internacionalización de la industria 4.0” (ProChile and the Internationalization of the Industry 4.0) conference, which is on June 6 at 4pm.

“We are the best in Chile at what we do, and we are interested in building upon that momentum to do the same in Mexico. We have international companies such as Falabella and Sura working with us at a regional level, so, why not try and replicate it elsewhere? That is our message, basically. And, most importantly, we hope to take advantage of the synergy produced (on this trip) with Mexican companies to complement our services”. That is the message Andrés Trujillo and Alberto Jacobs, from 33 Grados Sur and Ingerencia, respectively, deliver.

Needless to say, every company traveling excels in their respective business field, these companies are: Sistema expertos, 33 Grados Sur, Tecnocal, Sáltala, Ingerencia, AIM Manager, CryptoMarket, TGI Mobile Systems and Chattigo. As is the case with these companies, there are endless reasons for our country to claim that we are the best option when choosing a tech partner, so much so that we are acknowledged around the world as having the best programmers in Latin America. In addition, we are constantly incorporating new global talent into our ranks, with the issuance of temporary work visas increasing 400% between 2005 and 2016.

Chile, besides being renowned for its landscapes and wine, is now reaching a point where the world associates it with science and technology with greater frequency. So, do you have a new project in mind? Let’s get in touch, ch1l3_ a digital country.