It is the most powerful connection to this day, with a response time of 5 milliseconds and a speed of 10 Gbps.

This technology is not completely developed, but the successor of 4G has already been implemented in Chile. And it isn’t only an update of the predecessor, the fifth generation of wireless connection can download at 10 Gbps and the latency –a.k.a the speed of response and transmission– is just 5 milliseconds. This is a new experience counterposed with the 30 milliseconds of latency in the fourth generation. The main peculiarity that 5G has is that it allows you to implement Internet of Things, but, what is this tech?

Internet of things is the chance to connect different objects and link them online. It’s a way to access these objects from everywhere. It’s new because we know IoT has existed in Chile for a while now, but the current technological resources don’t allow many devices to connect at the same time.

This is a technological leap that exists between fourth and fifth generation; the chance to connect more devices at the same time and have a better dynamic between these connections. This is the kind of technology that’s going to benefit a car connected to the internet.

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