With Chiletec and ProChile’s support, “Ch1l3 a digital country_” will pursue a new commercial mission by late August: to advertise the reasons why we are a regional digital services partner. This time, the destination is Colombia, specifically, Bogotá and Cartagena de Indias, and we will be joined by: Softpatagonia, Apptitud, JR Consultores, DBNet, Rayen Salud, Chattigo, and ACL Tecnología. All of these companies possess interesting proposals to export to the rest of Latin American countries.

Colombia has sustained an outstanding digital development in the last 8 years, accomplishing the connection of all of its municipalities, and real impacts on the citizen’s lives, with achievements like raising broadband internet connections from 2.6 millions in 2010 to 30.4 millions this year.

“Chile is on the top 3 of countries with the best programmers in Latin America, additionally, it possesses an innovative and entrepreneurial digital environment that includes one of the best 10 business accelerating softwares in the world. These are just some of the reasons we are interested in advertise in our journey, joined by companies that, today, are important information and communication technologies solutions providers in Chile, and with a tremendous exportation potential for Colombia and the rest of Latin America” claims Nicolás Bonati, Sector Brand Manager.

Delegation at coordination meeting.

According to Paola Céspedes, executive at ProChile, Chile is a country that has a lot to say about digital technological services.

“Lots of studies prove that Chile, compared to other countries, has achieved a great usage of digital technology, but not everyone knows it, that is why we have the urge to make these commercial missions, because they are opportunities that allow us, together with different companies, to advertise our services offer among our target market through a significantly stronger message”.

One of the delegation’s activities will be to assist to Andicom, one of the biggest technological conferences in the region, in addition to an intense commercial meetings agenda with every other Chilean participating company.

If you want to learn more about Ch1l3 a digital country_ or if you are interested in participating on our commercial trips, clic here.