Orlando, Miami and Philadelphia will be the cities where the activities will be focused, aiming to show our country as the Latin American hub of IT solutions and a reliable partner in digital technology services.

Chile is a digital country, located in the top 10 of the most important rankings that measure the technological advances of a country. Be the first country in connectivity and technological infrastructure in Latin America; the fact that more than 96% of Chileans can now pay electronically thanks to Chile’s digitized banking industry; have seventh place in the Tholons Digital Nations World Ranking, which means being considered a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship; are some data that reaffirm it.

Between April 23 and May 2, representatives of the sectorial brand Ch1l3 will visit Miami, Orlando and Philadelphia, with the aim of enhancing our country as an excellent alternative of technological partner.

“There is complete technical capacity in Chile. Right now, our country can offer services from software development to digital transformation consulting. This means our clients can find different solutions according to what they need.”

Said Nicolas Bonati, a representative of Ch1l3 from Chiletec.

While visiting the United States, representatives will be attending the international fair Midsize Enterprise Summit 2018 in Orlando, Florida, where they will meet an array of diverse IT leaders and be part of various networking activities. The goal is to share technological tendencies and solutions. After this event, the representatives will host at least 15 international companies, who will have the possibility of becoming familiar with the IT services and solutions that Chile offers.

In Miami, activities will be focused on exposing the objective and purpose of Ch1l3, aiming to make companies that belong to ProChile understand the purpose of the brand.

“We didn’t have Miami on our route first, but it became a good opportunity to get closer to ProChile United States. A lot of South American trades and business close in Miami, so it’s very important to have a presence there”, Bonati said.

In Philadelphia, they will focus on following the negotiations that began on an early trip, when they did the official launch of Ch1l3. Also, part of the team will attend Philly Tech Week, where they will meet important IT specialists.