From 2015, the development of telemedicine in Chile and the rest of the world has advanced a lot and has become more and more normal.
Telemedicine is seeing patients from a distance using screens and smart connections, delivering medical care to people who don’t have the opportunity to get medical attention, because of geographic difficulties. The benefits of using telemedicine are massive, especially in countries like Chile where many people live far away from medical centers. Some of the cities who are using this technology are Talcahuano, Arauco, San Carlos, Linares, Quillota, Quilpue y Puerto Montt, but the list is growing and it will continue to grow.
Today, telemedicine it’s being implanted in Chile, aiming to speed up diagnosis and optimize medical processes for people who have problems moving around. Other benefits of telemedicine are how it fix the lack of specialist, it lowers the costs of medical attention and it helps get more information at the diagnosis.
Some of the specialties where telemedicine is being implemented are the ocular trauma network, tele oncology, tele dermatology and tele radiology. Without a doubt, this digital transformation is constantly evolving and telemedicine is a big example of  how more and more specialties are use this technology.