A very hot topic, not just in light of the current business environment under a Pandemic, but that has been previously discussed across industries is The Future of Work. A shift has occurred in how businesses manage their talent, since the market will be more diverse.

Many have figured out the best of both worlds. Keeping at their core, a dedicated team, while taking advantage of the cross-border partnerships supplying the demand for top talent, high quality output, and scale at a great price point. The opportunities will be global with South America providing teams that rival other countries like India and Europe. For those that take advantage and welcome external talent, will gain the benefits of the current global working economy.

Working remotely has taken on a New meaning in the IT sector. Since the majority of companies have already determined that working remotely does not impact productivity or product output, why not save costs by hiring Nearshore IT specialists? What makes this even more convenient is the fact that disperse teams benefit from the use of, tools and agile solutions where exchange of ideas, innovation, project management and communication are much improved, below is are just a few:

Nearshoring has grown in the past few years and of the South American countries, Chile http://chiledigitalcountry.com/  is among the top 3 destinations for Nearshoring, according to research conducted by CIO. This growth has increased in 2020 and working remotely is not a trend but a reality. Results from a recent survey conducted by State of Remote Report indicated that 91% of respondents support remote work. The survey included 2,471 people of which 48% were from the US.


By: Araceli Guenther

Executive Principal

Victrix Global

Cover Image from: https://vanrijmenam.nl/3-concepts-that-define-future-of-work/