The best definition of User Experience. 
“No product is an island. A product is more than the product. It is a cohesive, integrated set of experiences. Think through all of the stages of a product or service – from initial intentions through all of the stages of a product or service – from initial intentions through final reflections, from first usage to help, service, and maintenance. Make them all work together seamlessly”

Don Norman, inventor of the User Experience 

Companies that truly invest in UX means they are focused on achieving business goals tied to profitability. Providing the user, the best experience and thus a great degree of satisfaction translates into loyalty and will reflect in the revenue. A great UX design manages to meet both goals, business and user. UX designers have the power of knowledge, logic, and psychology to provide the results the business is looking for in that investment. The business value is generated by the statistical data that drives better business decisions based on facts.

The investment companies make in UX is focused on usability and user needs from the very beginning of product development. The result is that you will provide users solutions that they love and an experience that will bring loyalty to the product or brand. When working on sales strategies and more importantly retention, leadership vision in their UX product will win new customers and retain existing customers. Research conducted by Forrester, reveals that each dollar spent on UX brings 100 (on average) achieving an ROI of 9,900%

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By: Araceli Guenther
Executive Principal
Victrix Global