The key to alignment between what your customer buys and what you are selling is
uncovered in your value proposition, I know that sounds like a cliché. Possibly, because
of overuse, it has lost its original meaning, and can also be irritating to hear value
proposition. It is rather unfortunate that many organizations use buzz words, or slogans
that maybe, at some point, meant something to someone that worked in the marketing
department 5 years ago…is that your case?

When well described, your value proposition should include how your product or service
solves and improves problems or provides competitive advantage that is hard to replicate.
These are the reasons why a customer would buy from you and not your competitors.
You might be asking yourself when the last time was… that your organization took a close
look at your value proposition. Better yet let’s talk about unique selling proposition
(USP). So, unless you are the only one in your industry, differentiating yourself from your
competitors is essential and USP also should be in your overall marketing strategy.

Creating a USP that will, not just gain you customers, but also retain them, is a worthwhile
exercise for any organization to invest the time in this process.
For many organizations, creating a compelling USP is not an easy task, consider starting
with the following:
• Who is your perfect customer, what are they buying, and what motivates them?
• Does your product/service solve a problem or provide a competitive advantage?
• Why would they buy from you and not from your competitors?

If you are still having difficulty developing your USP, take a look at some sites, not
necessarily just in your industry but others to see how their value proposition & USP
grabs you…or not!

Recently, Cristian Zilleruelo, expert advisor on business strategies and product sales was
hosted by ChileTec for a webinar that contained many tips and is worth watching: Watch Webinar Here. 

Written By: Araceli Guenther
Executive Principal
Victrix Global