Sebastián has lived with his family in Oregon for 10 years now and says he has been a privileged witness of how the innovation and new technology development culture has improved people ́s life quality. He was so eager about handing his knowledge over that he, his father, and his sister travelled to Chile during their holidays to teach students different techniques and processes related to innovation, which were as powerful as Silicon Valley ́s.

About the methodology used in the workshops, Sebastián says: “It is about identifying a problem and understanding it completely, empathizing with the effected community, exploring the current situation to avoid trying to “rediscover the Wheel”, and then beginning to think about a solution and implementing it. It is not teaching about technology just because, it is teaching to innovate by solving problems”.

Even though he still has one more year before going to college, the American- based Chilean has already earned funding to develop one of his many inventions, the prototype of a device that will keep vaccines cold without using electricity, thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

“We are impressed by Sebastián ́s mentality, as he shows us that you don ́t need a lot of resources to be able to innovate” claims Pamela Gidi, Sub Secretary of Telecommunications, after meeting the young student, and other authorities.