Zenta implements virtual machines for scalability at Falabella

Problem Statement: The servers of Falabella, the largest retail company in Latam, could not process the increase of inquiries on the site during high demand days like Christmas and Cyberday.

Solution: Zenta created virtual machines to manage the influx of questions and requests during high demand times (Cyberday and Christmas) that their previous servers were unable to process

Outcome: Falabella transitioned from crashing sites to scalability and flexibility needed by giant retailers.

This Latin American gargantuan was having inefficiencies regarding the charges for carry-on baggage.

Formerly, the passengers arrived with large suitcases at the gate and were not charged because of the protocol, allowing them to bring this luggage onto the plane cost-free.

Zenta implemented 3 applications to help LATAM correctly charge for carry-on luggage. One application is utilized when the customer buys a suitcase the moment of check-in, while another is used when the customer arrives with an overly heavy suitcase at the counter, and a third application used for purchase via automatic kiosks. 

The development of these applications resulted in an increase in profits, more efficiency and better data tracking.

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